The Salon: 1890-1930

For Those Born in the Wrong Era

The Salon:1890-1930
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Ostensibly, this community is to be a storehouse of information about the time period between 1890-1930. A gathering place for those people who have a fascination with waning years of the 19th century and the birth of the 20th.

Any subject is up for grabs: ettiquette, fashion, social and cultural history, entertainment &c. Also, if you've got any hints on better techniques of research, throw those in too.
If you have an interesting tidbit of information, feel free to post. If you have a question about the time period, we'll try to find an answer. As of this moment, the only rules are:

1) If you've got a really long bit or multiple photos, please put them behind a "ljcut"
2) If at all possible, please reference your information. Tell where you got it from.

Otherwise ...